Robert “Bob” King (a third generation Floridian) has been the go-to guy for catering oysters at parties and celebrations for friends and family for more than 20 years.

It was at one of those friendly events, which also served as one of his first dates with his future wife, that he converted Shari (a fifth generation Floridian) to an oyster eater. She quickly became an indispensable partner in life, and in the operation.


"We take our inspiration from our Florida roots and from the Oyster Capital of the World, Apalachicola.

We pride ourselves in providing a unique catering experience that can be tailored to any event, one that fits your taste, budget and style, making your event one that everyone will remember."


We respect the environment that oysters depend upon to grow and thrive. A healthy water body is the essential element and we intend to make every effort to foster oysters as a sustainable industry in Florida.


We will cater any type of oyster you request, but we believe the best oysters you can get are found in the coastal waters of Florida. We support the growing aquaculture industry in the Florida Panhandle. We recycle our shells and contribute to the efforts of local oyster restoration programs, such as oyster reef and shoreline restoration projects, with the hope that in our lifetime, the east coast of Florida will again be a source for consumable oysters on a commercial level.

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